Electric trikke tours

E-Trikke tours are a unique, memorable and fun experience for Locals and Tourists alike! Think you've done it all? We dare you to give us a try! They are perfect for anyone looking for an interesting and exciting way to explore the Hollywood area. From young kids to the elderly anyone can safely operate these vehicles.  If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing our Pon-E tour we invite you to come and see what you've been missing!



Inline, Quad, or Landroller skates are available for rental or purchase.  Helmets, Knee pads, and elbow pads are complimentary.  Feel the breeze and enjoy the sites as you roll down the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk listening to tunes and checking out the view in style!



Bikes for kids and adults.  Cruisers, Mountain, Road, Bmx, Fat Sand, and even Three wheelers bikes are available for rental or purchase. We carry every vehicle to fit your style!

banana bikes.jpg


Adults and‏ teens act like kids again when they experience the excitement that comes with the Banana Bike. You steer this sleek, low recumbent with your body.  This cycle is engineered for action and built tough in America. Everyone loves this rugged performer.


Kangoo Jumps

Jump on in to some Kangoo Jumps and bounce your way to better health or just have fun with the kids. KJ's are very easy to use for first timers so come on it and give em a try!

Manual Trikke.jpg

Trikke (Body Powered)

Our Flagship vehicle. This three wheel vehicle can easily be propelled using only your own body power while leaning the vehicle side to side delivering loads of fun on a completely unique ride!



Go drifting in the latest addition to our lineup! The Mobo has been enthusiastically embraced by all ages, as its larger design and comfortable ride offers a relaxing, safe, and fun -filled experience!


Duallies (2+2)

The "Side by Side Duallie" is perfect for all riders, from physically challenged/companion situations, to the stylish retirees and resort rental fleets. Cruise down the beach in style with a canopy shielding you from direct sunlight!



If your looking for a thrill; congratulations you've found it. Enjoy leaning in and out of turns at high speeds on various models of the Tribred Pon-E! We carry every size motor and battery to fit every kind of rider. Try this once and we guarantee you'll get hooked! The ultimate among trikke enthusiasts! Imagine a combination of scooter, skates and ski ... add a pinch of innovation, originality and ecology ... and you've got the Tribred Pon-E! A 100% fun and 100% clean way to tour all Hollywood has to offer!

Single Bench Surrey.JPG


Designed for three adults and two small children, the four wheel Surrey bike provides families and other sightseers with the ability to leisurely enjoy all of Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.



The Double Bench Surrey provides families with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise together at Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.



A 6x10 foam floating platform for splashing around in the ocean, using as a diving board, or as your own private sandbar! be the envy of the beach as on lookers wish they were as cool as you