Hollywood Beach Trikke

A trikke is a three wheeled body propelled vehicle that uses the conservation of angular momentum as it's physical principal to get the rider moving. In order to transfer the rider's energy into forward momentum the rider moves by tilting the vehicle from side to side and turning the handle bars in one fluid motion pushing with the riders arms, legs, and torso all at the same time.
  Free! Personalized Training Available For first timers!

Rental Rates

Bicycle's                        $10/Hrly

Manual Trikke               $10/Hrly

Kangoo Jumps             $10/Hrly

Inline Skates                  $10/Hrly

Electric Bicycle             $30/Hrly

Electric Trikke               $30/Hrly

Electric Tours                   $75.00

 Segway Tours                  $75.00